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Would you pay $1000 for a $300 loan?
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Paying too much for your loan?

Here is the most you should pay for a payday or title loan.

Loan Amount

Origination Fee + Interest

Total Loan Cost










If your loan cost is higher, the lender is probably unlicensed

In Oregon the legal limits on what can be charged are:

Payday or title lenders must give you a written loan agreement clearly explaining the fees, percentage rate, payment due dates, and what happens if you are late with your payments or you default.

All payday or title lenders, including those online, must be licensed by the State of Oregon.

*The annual percentage rate (APR) – the total of all interest and fees calculated on an annual basis – will be 153.77 percent if the lender charges the maximum interest rate (36 percent) and the maximum origination fees allowed.

Exclamation pointOnly a handful of online payday lenders are licensed in Oregon.

An unlicensed online payday or title lender may charge extremely high fees and interest rates.


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